Casarta is the premier
preform manufacturer offering
high-volume preform output
for your packaging needs
Casarta is strategically positioned
to serve the South American
preform market.
Innovative injection molding
technology drives our operations
Providing a wide variety of preform sizes
and colors to meet our customers' needs
Providing sustainable
packaging options is at
the core of our operations


Casarta’s latest generation of PET preform injection technologies ensures quality and efficiency in preform production.


We provide unmatched precision utilizing our Zero Defects policy for quality control. This exceptionally high standard results in superior supply chain efficiency.


Casarta forms strong partnerships as part of our commitment to providing efficient service for our valued customers.


Casarta is a premier PET preform manufacturer proudly serving the South American packaging market. We are well-equipped and strategically-positioned to fulfill your preform needs with consistent quality at a competitive price.

Using the latest injection molding technologies, Casarta manufactures preforms for a wide variety of markets served including beverage, food, consumer cleaning, personal care, industrial/automotive, and specialty products. We provide customers with clear and colored preforms in an assortment of sizes.

Casarta’s focus on innovation, quality and sustainability, combined with competitive pricing, ensures the right experience for your preform needs. Our rigorous quality standards and dedication to innovation yield maximum quality, steady efficiency, and high-volume preform output.


Innovation drives our operations. Casarta’s injection molding technologies power our ability to manufacture preforms of the highest quality to meet the wide array of demands from our customers.


Casarta’s commitment to sustainability is integrated into all levels of operations. We offer eco-friendly options from our wide selection of fully recyclable preforms.


Casarta is strategically positioned to provide quality products at competitive prices in South America. Our location in Uruguay is logistically ideal for servicing customers in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and other local markets.