Food Safety and Quality Policy


Food Safety and Quality Policy

Casarta S.R.L. is part of Plastipak United States, recognized worldwide as a leader in the rigid plastic packaging industry. It has high technology facilities for the manufacture of plastic containers.

Casarta is committed to food safety and quality excellence by supplying products that meet or exceed our customers and consumers expectations legal requirements.

We accomplish this through:

  • Effective management
  • Collaborative effort of our associates
  • Communication
  • Continual Improvement



  • To ensure the safe and hygienic manufacture of our products
  • To deliver customer satisfaction through our product and service
  • To bring new, innovative ideas to our customers and to the marketplace
  • To train and develop our associates and cultivate a positive work environment
  • To streamline our processes in order to reduce cost and deliver value to our customers
  • To maintain an accurate information system for timely management of internal and external customer needs