Security Policy in the Logistics Chain


Security Policy in the Logistics Chain

Casarta S.R.L. is part of Plastipak United States, recognized worldwide as a leader in the rigid plastic packaging industry. It has high technology facilities for the manufacture of plastic containers.

In Casarta S.R.L. we are committed to carrying out our foreign trade operations in a safely manner, complying with the applicable legal requirements and preventing illicit actions, such as terrorism and counterfeiting of merchandise, among others, smuggling and drug trafficking.

To achieve this, Casarta S.R.L. has structured its operations on the elaborated risk analysis.


Security Objectives in the Logistics Chain

  • Ensure the integrity of the loads during all its handling and transportation.
  • Providing our associates with the adequate training in terms of security in the logistics chain.
  • Maintain a secure information system, ensuring confidentiality in those data that require it.
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers, encouraging the implementation of Security Management Systems in the Logistics Chain in their facilities.